Rob Johnson
Composer, Songwriter, Musician

rjcomposer@mac.com • 818-434-4382

“Rob is my GO TO GUY whenever I need music.”
Stewart Halpern, TV Producer, How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Accidentally on Purpose (CBS) and Co-Director of the award winning documentary film Pageant

“Rob can write great music in every genre… no matter how strange the music I requested from him, he always came through with something perfect. Plus... he’s a really nice guy.”
Reid Waterer, Director/Editor/Filmmaker, Performance Anxiety, You Can't Curry Love, Daddy's Big Girl and The Deviants

“Rob’s an enormously talented guy with an easy-going approach to work. He writes killer melodies and acts as 
  though it's effortless. You want a high quality outcome and a painless process? Rob's your guy.”
Beth Harrington, Independent Film Producer, Welcome to the Club, The Blinking Madonna and The Winding Stream — The Carters, the Cashes, and the Course of Country Music

“Every time I asked Rob for a cue, he would come back with something that exceeded my expectations. He was 
able to create incredible music, songs and lyrics to fill each moment.”
Kevin Weiler, Producer, When Boys Fly

“Rob will always provide a variety of approaches and still never miss a deadline, no matter how quickly we 
need it.”
Barry Snyder, President, Post Logic Studios

“We cold called Rob one day hoping he had the skills to create a musical score for a Disney pitch that needed to 
  be turned around immediately. The score needed to be:
  -1 part "The Darkness"
  -1 part Dime Bag Daryl (of Pantera)
  -2 parts "please care about our project"
  *with a splash of "ye olde" madrigal magic
The sonic cocktail Rob whipped up for us, done quickly and professionally, was an aural delight with all the comedic nuances we needed for our particular project. Rob's musical contribution to our Disney pitch rocked the room!”

Joel and Jim Hodgson, Visual Story Tools

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